Empowering Customer Service Teams with Technology

1 min read
May 29, 2024 at 9:53 AM

Rob Dwyer, VP of Customer Engagement at Happitu, describes the contact center as a ‘critical touch point’ in the full customer experience.

The conversation covers the role of technology in empowering contact center reps and the challenges of technology adoption when scaling a customer service team.

Rob emphasizes the importance of aligning technology purchasing decisions with business goals and shares his perspective on the use of AI in customer interactions. 






About the Guest



Rob Dwyer | VP, Customer Engagement at Happitu
For over a decade, Rob Dwyer has successfully trained, coached, and developed agents and contact center leaders throughout the world to provide superior customer service and increase agent retention rates.
Today, Rob leads client engagement at Happitu – a robust Agent-Enablement and Conversation Analysis platform. He is also the host of Next in Queue, a podcast featuring Customer Experience, Contact Center, Customer Support, Customer Success, Training, Leadership, and Technology experts and practitioners from around the globe. 



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