The Strategic Role of RevOps in Leadership and Scalability

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June 12, 2024 at 10:47 AM

Today's guest, John Marcus III, describes RevOps as "an internal service organization" that supports the executives, leaders, and individual reps in a company's go-to-market teams. He emphasizes the importance of cross-functional alignment and trust between sales, marketing, and customer success. The role of RevOps is to provide a shared resource that helps these departments adapt to the changes that come with each growth stage of the company.

While technology is a key component of revenue operations, John encourages leaders to remain focused on the specific needs and goals of the organization, rather than get caught up in the latest trends.  






About the Guest

John Marcus III headshot (1)


John Marcus III | Founding Partner of Fractional Ventures
John Marcus III is a seasoned entrepreneur and thought leader in revenue operations and technology.

With a career marked by multiple successful ventures and a hands-on approach to leadership, John has established himself as a trusted advisor and innovative thinker. 

As the founder of Fractional Ventures, John provides fractional services in revenue operations, sales, marketing, and customer success to tech companies, helping them navigate growth and operational challenges.



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