Driving Growth with RevOps-as-a-Service

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April 10, 2024 at 9:45 AM

Cliff Simon, Chief Revenue Officer at Carabiner Group, shares insights on "revops-as-a-service" and the importance of understanding the customer buying journey. He emphasizes the need to work out processes manually before automating them and the value of documenting processes and concepts.

The importance of people, consistency, and change management in scaling businesses is highlighted, as well as the considerations for choosing between HubSpot and Salesforce as CRM solutions.

The conversation also touches on the role of Pavilion in providing education and networking opportunities for revenue operations professionals. 






About the Guest

Cliff Simon


Cliff Simon | CRO at Carabiner Group

With two decades of broad technology experience, Cliff has anchored GTM teams across the SaaS and Service industries. Having worked in both Fortune 20 and high-growth startups, Cliff prefers the fast pace and the ability to deliver significant impact that comes with working in the start-up space.

Cliff is an advisor and fractional executive for several high-growth startups where he utilizes his expertise in all things GTM and RevOps and is an active leader of GTM in multiple communities. Cliff was named to the HubSpot Top 25 Modern Sales Leader award in 2023.



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