Making Data-Driven Decisions and Aligning GTM Teams for Success

1 min read
March 27, 2024 at 9:47 AM

In today's episode, Michael Ewing discusses the critical role of data for decision-making, alignment, and scaling teams.

He emphasizes the challenges posed by siloed systems and the necessity of integrated processes to align sales, marketing, and customer success. He also encourages collaboration between the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

He aptly describes revenue operations (RevOps) as "the glue" that brings go-to-market teams together and enables growth..






About the Guest

Michael Ewing


Michael Ewing | Customer Revenue & Retention Leader

Michael is a distinguished revenue leader with an extensive background in driving growth and efficiency across customer revenue functions. With over a decade of experience, his strategic approach has significantly contributed to the revenue growth and international expansion of companies like HubSpot and Michael's leadership philosophy centers on people-first innovation, championing customer success, and optimizing margins for profitability.



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