Harnessing the Voice of the Customer to Create a CX Strategy

1 min read
March 20, 2024 at 9:46 AM

In this episode, Kate Kompelien discusses her process for building a customer experience (CX) strategy and how companies can use a customer-centric approach to achieve revenue growth.

The conversation explores the link between CX and revenue, as well as the importance of measuring and tracking customer feedback to drive improvements. Kate also highlights the role of technology in aligning customer-facing teams to enhance the customer experience.






About the Guest

Kate Kompelien


Kate Kompelien | Owner & Chief Experience Officer

The Insight Shop

Kate helps companies uncover pain points that negatively impact the customer experience and/or their employees' ability to meet customer needs. Once her clients have gone through her Customer Experience Design process, they should see customer loyalty and revenue growth through higher employee engagement and deeper customer satisfaction.



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