The Importance of Trustworthy Data and Alignment in Revenue Operations

1 min read
May 8, 2024 at 9:55 AM

Sales leader Jason Rozenblat discusses the importance of a strong partnership between sales and marketing, as well as the value of a robust revenue operations (RevOps) function within an organization.

He highlights the significance of data in decision-making and the challenges of working with unstructured or unreliable data. 

Jason also shares his approach to evaluating new job opportunities and how he has leveraged LinkedIn for networking and professional development.






About the Guest

Jason Rozenblat


Jason Rozenblat | SVP of Sales at Momnt

As SVP of Sales at Momnt, Jason spearheads efforts to refine the sales process, drive strategic planning, and lead cross-departmental initiatives to achieve ambitious growth targets. 

Jason has dedicated his career to sales and leadership within dynamic, high-growth technology startups. His expertise lies in building and expanding teams and driving revenue growth. Jason has led diverse teams covering direct sales, sales development, operations, customer success, and training, showcasing extensive knowledge across SMB, mid-market, enterprise, and partner/channel sales.



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