Automation Opportunities with HubSpot's Operations Hub

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June 19, 2024 at 11:38 AM

Today's episode features Aaron Rickard, Denamico's VP of Operations. Aaron discusses the increasingly important role of ops professionals ('tech wizards and witches') in maintaining system efficiency, troubleshooting, and preventing small issues from compounding over time.

He shares several specific use cases for process automation with HubSpot's Operations Hub, including supplementing free integrations with custom field mapping and running JavaScript and Python in workflows for data enrichment and deduplication checks. 

He also discusses the benefits of using HubSpot’s AI tools for anomaly detection and data forecasting.






About the Guest

Aaron Rickard


Aaron Rickard | VP of Operations at Denamico
Aaron brings nearly a decade of experience working extensively with HubSpot, implementing solutions across diverse industries. His expertise is optimizing sales strategies for B2B internal teams, high-ticket direct-to-consumer models, and e-commerce platforms.
As a key member of Denamico's delivery team, Aaron has collaborated with numerous clients and played a pivotal role in achieving Denamico's accredited status in the solutions partner ecosystem.



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