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Using Your Strategy and Systems to Drive Revenue Growth

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Episode Summary

Without a doubt, the lifeblood of every company is sales. And that's why RevOps is such a critical function of a go-to-market strategy for scaling revenue and driving business growth.

But RevOps goes beyond sales teams and extends into other business functions; as our guest says, RevOps is both sales and operational execution.

In this episode of the RevOps Champions podcast, host Brendon Dennewill welcomes Rob Weber, the Managing Partner of Great North Ventures. They discuss the key pillars of RevOps, why product-driven growth is not strictly reserved for software companies, the importance of nurturing a culture of innovation, and so much more.



Rob Weber
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Great North Ventures

Rob is an entrepreneur-turned-investor. He also co-hosts the Execution is King podcast, where he shares his best practices with startup founders building the next generation of great global startups.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • RevOps is about using your strategy and systems to drive revenue growth. RevOps is the alignment of all business operations to drive revenue growth. And while the focus is on revenue, we shouldn't forget that RevOps is also about having strong operations. Rob explains, "To run a business effectively, you’ve got to have strong operations, too. And ideally, your operations, sales systems, and leadership are tied at the hip and work well together. Certainly, businesses start to break down and struggle with growth. If they're strong at signing customers but operationally bad at onboarding them or supporting them post-purchase, they're not going to be a very successful business anyway."
  • The key to scaling a business is being customer-centric. If you want to grow your business, you have to understand your customers. Rob says research is critical, but you should also talk to your customers in an unbiased way. He explains, "You see, probably the biggest difference between those that are successful and those that are not is their commonly relentless pursuit of understanding customer needs and as a broader theme there, it's what a market’s needs are. And I think the way you do that — at least the way I've done that — is a mixture of an analytical mindset, and using multiple ways to generate customer insights. I think the easiest way and most common way is to start talking to as many customers as you can."
  • It takes a lot of creativity to grow a business. You have to be analytical to scale a business, but you also need to be creative. So, according to Rob, innovation is vital. He says, "You're naturally going to have some people who are a little more analytical or maybe some others that are more creative, but hopefully, you create a team that has some real strength in both areas. 'Cause if you're thinking about growth, even if you have all the reporting in the world and all the marketing systems in the world, but you don't have the creativity to think about how to move the business forward, it isn't going to matter."





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