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How to Choose Technology That Aligns With Your Business Objectives

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Episode Summary

Employee satisfaction and customer experience depend on the company’s tech stack. However, few organizations see innovation as necessary for business growth rather than as another box they need to check like everyone else.

Therefore, if you want to help your team to work smarter, not just harder, and meet the clients' needs, you need to ensure that your formula for success is complete and comprises people, process, data, and technology.

In this episode of RevOps Champions, Mark Hokanson, the CTO of Bridgewater Bank, joins host Brendon Dennewill. The two discuss RevOps, how technology brings departments within an organization closer, and why successful technology implementation depends on a company's openness to change.



Mark Hokanson

Chief Technology Officer

Company: Bridgewater Bank

Noteworthy: Mark has 25 years of experience in various technology roles across large and mid-size organizations. He has a comprehensive background in large-scale platform delivery, enterprise business applications, technical architecture, analytical data solutions, agile software development, information security, risk frameworks, and infrastructure planning with a focus on cloud adoption.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • Clients are more technically savvy than they've ever been. Organizations that want to stay current must acknowledge that technology will bring them closer to customers and make them trustworthy partners. ''These customers are coming to us, and they're asking really smart questions, and they want to see that the bank they're with is continuing to evolve to keep pace with the market. We're a growing bank, and we're always looking at how we stay relevant with the industry trends and differentiate ourselves in the banking space, especially the larger banks we compete with.
  • We want to help our employees work smarter, not harder. The business world is no longer customer-centric; it's employee-first. Companies have finally realized that employees are their brands' best advocates, and taking care of your workforce means taking care of your client base. "People want to see value in the work they do, and if they're doing a job that is antiquated, they feel that pain every day, and it's not going to take time before they're not gonna want to come to work anymore. [...] We're constantly evaluating how to allow employees to work smarter versus harder and how we use technology to make that happen."
  • Digitalization will become a priority for customer experience. Although people like to know who stands behind an organization/brand, some procedures can go through without making a call and waiting for someone to pick up the phone. ''As we look into the future, there will be more digital interactions. So how do we create more self-service for our clients? If they don't want to make that phone call, can they interface with our website and with their banking products and solutions?"





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