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Learning How Automation Platforms Help You Keep Customer Data Organized Long Term

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Episode Summary

RevOps is a B2B function that uses automation to help teams make decisions that grow the business. It represents the convergence of marketing, sales, and customer service and has four components: people, process, data, and technology.

But companies often do not take into account the alignment of all these components. They only invest in technology, thinking that it will fix data, processes, and people.

Paul Pirkle, the president of Mid-America Paper Recycling, points out that technology can make people, processes, and data better, faster, and cheaper, but only if you understand these three components.

In this episode of RevOps Champions, Paul gets into the importance of using automation systems to keep you organized. He and our host Brendon Dennewill discuss RevOps, the significance of communicating both with customers and within the organization, and how business technology impacts customer experience.



Paul Pirkle


Company: Mid America Paper Recycling

Noteworthy: Paul is a strategic thinker and top producer with over 25 years of success and achievement in various business areas. He is focused on building value streams from your waste streams and has expertise in building trust by focusing on customer needs, building value, and delivering on commitments. Paul is also an avid runner, reader, and lifelong learner.




Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • The Centennial Of Mid-America Paper Recycling. Mid-America Paper Recycling was founded in 1926 and will soon celebrate its centennial. According to Paul, the key to this sustainability is the very culture of the company — they want to be around forever. "I think that's one of the reasons why I was brought in — to make sure that we're positioning ourselves for the future and seeing where we're going. It's nice when you have that type of timeframe because there aren’t a lot of companies that make it to a hundred years. They're not doing the things that are necessary to be able to stay relevant. And in an industry like ours, being able to make changes in technology, communication, and the overall development of making yourself relevant is also very important."
  • Being Organized Is The Key To Sales Success. When he started his career, Paul's father had been in sales for years, and his father-in-law was involved in technology. He used their experiences to develop his habits. Paul took their advice and started using automation systems, which made him successful. As Paul notes, a system that keeps you organized can be a competitive advantage for you. "What resulted in my ability to stay organized is that I ended up being able to, at a very young age, outsell my colleagues who weren't using a similar system and who were still doing it by paper and file folders and following the traditional approach at that time. And I felt like, at that time, I really knew that if I was going to continue to be successful, I needed to go and hit that leading edge. So like my father, who brought value every time he went into a sales call, and like my father-in-law, staying relevant with technology and making sure that you were always providing yourself that differentiation on both fronts to ensure that you're staying successful."
  • Communicating Both Externally And Internally Leads To Company Success. RevOps is a business function that aims to maximize an organization's revenue potential. Paul believes that the most important thing for the company's development is communication with clients and within the company. As he notes, the marketing, sales, service, and operations side of the organization have to be in sync. "So we're all on the same page, and when we do that, and when we successfully communicate what we are doing and what our strategy is, that's when we really start to take off. And when we're on the same page with one another, we are the best we've ever been. When we are not communicating, we quickly realize how failed an organization we can be."
  • The Impact of Business Technology on Improving Customer Experience. "We have to be very nimble in our approach. One thing that I've seen, which hasn't changed, is going back to the fact that we need to be able to continue to add value each and every day to what our clients are expecting. What has changed is the ability to continue to look for areas and to find areas where that value can continue to be added. Some people feel that all things have been invented, but not all things have been invented. There are a lot of areas where people are doing some really special things within our industry that haven't been tried or done before, or they haven't really thought outside the box. They've thought inside the box, and what that has created is that we will do the same things that we've always done."





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