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Episode Summary

RevOps is all about maximizing the business's revenue potential. And technology is one of its most important components.

But there's more to RevOps than just tech — it is actually more about aligning people, processes, and technology to grow your business. 

In this episode of the RevOps Champions podcast, our host Brendon Dennewill welcomes Scott Sannes, the principal & director of strategic growth at SEH (Short Elliott Hendrickson). They talk about the importance of user experience, what is the client lifecycle, and why alignment is everything in an organization.



Scott Sannes

Principal / Director of Strategic Growth

Company: SEH (Scott Elliot Hendrickson)

Noteworthy:After 21 years at SEH, Scott became the director of strategic growth. He's also considered the business champion for the company's implementation of HubSpot.




Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • Create A Line Of Sight Between An Action And An Outcome. "What we realized fairly quickly is that we replaced the basic functions that we were intending in Oracle within the first 15 minutes of implementation. Then it became and is becoming what metrics, reports, and information can we put in the hands of the client managers and our leadership to understand what is going on with their relationships and interactions. I use these terms regularly — alignment and line of sight — to create a line of sight between an action and an outcome, be it a phone call, a click, or writing a project proposal, and we write numerous proposals a month literally."
  • User Experience Is One Of The Most Critical Factors Of Success. "We focused very much on user experience, and my mission going forward is to maintain a very high-quality user experience. This system, or any system like it, is dependent on the people who work in it. And if we've made things cumbersome, if we've made our data collection effort try to fit specific niche activities or very discreet reporting, they'll ignore it anyway. So we're working a lot with a group of enlisted volunteers, but we focus on user experience."
  • Maximize The Right Opportunities. "We're looking at what metrics we should be using and not the ones that we have been using. So we are built to do certain things, and we report on that. Now I want to look at what we should be doing. How are we integrating the activity in our website, our email campaigns, all the way through a client life cycle and interaction to make sure that we're maximizing the right opportunities."
  • What Is The Client Lifecycle? "For me, it's the entire life cycle from the time a client thinks they need a service. Most of them know what they need to buy, so we're not creating a market. They have a problem that requires a solution that they believe we can offer. Or we have a solution we believe they will need."





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