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Top HubSpot Updates from 2022 with Kyle Jepson

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Episode Summary

In this episode of RevOps Champions, Kyle Jepson, the senior inbound professor at HubSpot, walks us through the most significant features Hubspot updated in 2022. Then, he demos each and gives us a closer look into a function's past and current capabilities.



Kyle Jepson

Senior Inbound Professor

Company: HubSpot

Noteworthy: Kyle creates educational content for HubSpot Academy to help individuals and organizations grow through online courses, projects, certifications, and software training.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • HubSpot gets better as we speak. So that leads us to the somewhat obvious but often overlooked fact that nothing is set in stone, especially in the digital space. Something that may have worked a few months ago is most likely outdated today. ''In my Inbound presentation, I had a section where I talked about deal management. And I talked about playbooks and required properties for deal stages. I talked about deal stage probability and how to figure that out. We talked about forecasting, talked about products, and quotes. It was just in September. Everything is different now. Just in this one section: playbooks. You can now recommend playbooks based on deal stages, ticket stages, and properties. You can now update objects across properties across different objects. When I spoke at Inbound, they were a pro feature; they're now in the builder.''
  • HubSpot is investing in those who function as admins. And that's what Kyle focuses on as a senior inbound professor. ''I'm dedicating a lot of time to investing in you. [...] My mission is to help you keep up with that. It's to cut through the noise of all the little updates and highlight the ones that are going to make your life as an admin better.''
  • People don't necessarily follow your process linearly. That's why features like HubSpot's Journey Analytics help you keep track of your customer's journey and understand it better so you can meet their needs and provide a top-notch customer experience. ''Many will follow your process linearly, but many might take a different path. So you can start building your content funnel or sales experience to match the journeys people are taking organically and support them to help them get where they're going.''





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