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Why HubSpot Payments Are Part Of Your Go-To-Market Strategy

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Episode Summary

In this episode of RevOps Champions, we welcome Jack Coopersmith, GTM Specialist – Commerce & Payments at HubSpot. Jack introduces HubSpot Payments and why the solution, although built for small and mid-size businesses, can be a good fit for organizations across various industries. 

Jack also shares why Hubspot shifted from being an inbound marketing-focused company to a commerce company and what it looks like to build a commerce-powered CRM with the aspiration of making it the number-one solution in the global market. 



Jack Coopersmith

GTM specialist – Commerce & Payments at HubSpot

Company: HubSpot

Noteworthy: Jack is in the go-to-market team at HubSpot Payments. As he explains, HubSpot is on the path to becoming a commerce company, and so the team, including Jack, is working on creating the first major commerce-powered CRM in the marketplace.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • Companies aspiring to grow must be open to change, despite the fear of implementing new processes and tools. The future is in innovation, and companies that provide efficiency are the ones that will succeed. Solutions like HubSpot Payments are designed to meet that objective. ''If you jump into HubSpot Payments, if you give it about five to ten minutes of effort, you are going to know how it works and what it can do. So we're also on a mission to demystify this commerce world. It doesn't have to be that complicated. And we're trying to make it simple, as HubSpot generally does with complex things."
  • We designed HubSpot Payments for small and mid-size businesses. However, as Jack explains, the solution may apply to different types of organizations across various industries. ''It's a lot of firms like Denamico, where professional services offer project-based work or retainers or memberships. So we're seeing a lot of folks like your business see a lot of success with HubSpot Payments. We're seeing a lot of folks with general high consideration sales, like expensive machinery or home building. Those folks are great fits for HubSpot Payments as well. We also open up new revenue streams entirely. So, during this past summer, we had a big product push — which we're calling embedded payments — that allows you to do things like connect payments to a meeting link to get paid for your time, which is the easiest thing that you could ever sell. And so we can fit with just about any industry.''
  • Be where your customers are. We hear this phrase when discussing marketing strategies and building an online presence. But it also applies to product creation, which means that you want to adjust to your customers' preferences, especially new generations, and not force them to use outdated methods. ''We need to think more about what our customers want, not as much about what this business wants. Right now, 44% of B2B buyers are millennials, which is a number that is a lot higher than I expected. I fall into this bucket, so I'll speak for myself. I don't want to talk to anyone; I want to go online, buy my product or service, and then move forward with my day. And so I'd also encourage you all to say, 'What would my buyers want here?' as opposed to trying to force them to meet your process. Meet them where they are.''





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