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5 Key Questions You MUST Answer Before Creating a New Report in HubSpot

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Episode Summary

Every leader knows how important it is to analyze business data. And whether you want to track your marketing strategy or alter your processes, HubSpot reporting is key to success. 

But if you want to create a report that drives your business forward, you need to ask yourself the right questions. 

In this episode of the RevOps Champions podcast, our host Tiffany Cavegn welcomes Bradley Hofbauer, the Director of Digital Enablement at Denamico. They discuss the essential questions you must answer before creating a new report in HubSpot.



Bradley Hofbauer

Sr. Manager, Marketing Analytics ***

Company: Augurian

Noteworthy: Bradley enjoys helping business leaders create and execute effective strategies, especially leveraging data analysis, project management, and business processes to reach their goals. His experience has provided him with strong business operations, business strategy, and data analysis expertise with a foundation in past relational sales success.

*** At the time of this recording, Bradley was Denamico's Director of Digital Enablement. Since then, he has moved on to Augurian where he will continue to do great work. 


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • If you can't draw a picture of what you want to see, it's unlikely that someone else is going to be able to produce it. According to Bradley, drawing a picture of your goal is crucial. He explains, "When I talk to a client who requests a report, the first thing — after I establish these two things — I say, 'Okay, could you draw me a picture of what you want to see? If you can't draw a picture of what you would want to see, it's unlikely that someone else is going to be able to produce what you want to see.’ Now, I say that a little bit tongue in cheek because I want to put the onus of defining how someone is going to see information on the person who's going to be consuming that information."
  • Ask the right questions. Asking the right questions will make all the difference when creating a new report in HubSpot. Bradley explains, "When we talk about reports and asking the right questions, we want to understand what it is that a person is trying to do because of the information. So the way that I kind of split that apart is that what a person is trying to do could maybe fall into two categories: they need to make a decision, or they need to do work. And decisions are work, so I don't want all the VPs who are listening or something like that. Just calm down. Decisions are work, I know; but, you know what I mean. You need to actually go make phone calls, or you need to go do something."
  • Think of yourself as a detective. When creating a new report in HubSpot, you have to dig deep into your company's strategies and processes. Bradley says, "You have to really think of yourself as a detective in some of these circumstances. You're Sherlock Holmes, and a leader is not going to just be presented with the information and the information instantly answers their question. That's not what a leader does. That's not what a senior business person does. You are a sleuth. You are trying to uncover what is the cause of this outcome over here; so, reports are just one of your tools. And the data is the evidence. And so you need to try to put that stuff together and figure out a way to make it visually helpful and stimulating so that not just you understand that, but also so that you can pass that information onto the rest of your organization."





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