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Why Capturing Big Data Alone No Longer Works


Episode Summary

There’s no shortage of data to tap into as a business owner. When used properly, data can propel the company to new heights. But there’s also the possibility of disorganized data or data overwhelm. Departments that don’t necessarily talk to one another don’t share data resources, especially if those resources are in a format like a PowerPoint or a PDF. Even when those resources are shared, they aren’t easily searchable.

Dan Mallin and Scott Litman led their company’s growth with a focus on the customer problem and used their early-stage feedback from users to let the product mature. Building a team wasn’t a new concept for them, but they knew from past experience that the more they could integrate their team’s work together, the more employee loyalty they’d have alongside better company results overall.




Scott Litman

Scott Litman and Dan Mallin

Founders of Lucy

Scott and Dan are business partners with Lucy, but this is their fifth venture together.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • The pandemic has been an accelerator of tech adoption. Businesses now have to figure out how to support people working in remote locations and find unique ways to use technology to stay efficient. What used to be “nice to have” are now “must-have” items.
  • New tech has to solve problems, sometimes problems the customer doesn’t yet know how to describe. Querying customers and interacting with the customer all along the growth cycle helped their solution, Lucy, get better at what it could accomplish. Leading with a customer-first approach enables problem-solving.
  • All companies are now tech companies. Whether digital or not, the output of your business might force you to be a digital company. From how you manage data and market to how you drive optimization of growth, companies that don’t play into this structure stand to fall behind.





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