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Why Alignment and Data are the Two Vital Aspects of RevOps

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Episode Summary

RevOps is a fairly complex business function and data and alignment are its two most vital parts. When companies leverage data to achieve more and combine it with great marketing, sales, and service alignment, they can expect tremendous success.

But other aspects, including sales comp, territory structuring, headcount planning, target setting, and change management, also play a vital role in a company's success. They are an essential part of thorough planning, and companies shouldn't rush with it.

In this episode of RevOps Champions, Brendon Dennewill introduces the listeners to Channing Ferrer, the VP of Sales Operations & Strategy at HubSpot. They get into the essential aspects of RevOps, the idea of business planning, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding sales operations.



Channing Ferrer

VP of Sales Operations & Strategy


Besides being the VP of Sales Operations and Strategy, Channing also invests in startups.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • Centralized vs. decentralized approach. Channing defines the idea of RevOps, explaining that there are two main approaches to it — the centralized and decentralized approach. "Centralization versus decentralization is an important element to RevOps, and I think it is important to acknowledge that there isn't a simple answer to it. I personally like the hybrid model. I think it works well for us at HubSpot, where we have some centralization but also some decentralization."
  • Alignment and data are the two essential elements of RevOps. According to Channing, alignment and data are the two most important aspects of RevOps along with how companies are leveraging that data. "There are two words that are really important there — alignment and data. And you have to make sure that the data your RevOps team is leveraging is consistent — we're looking at it the same way, and we're aligned around the message that we're gaining from that data."
  • Keep the customer at the center of everything you do. Channing and his company, HubSpot, have a clear goal in mind — to help their customers make more educated decisions and keep them at the center of everything they do. "I think one of the things that we've learned at HubSpot is keeping the customer at the center of everything you do. And I think this applies also to other types of businesses. [...] We want to make those customers happy because we don't want them just to recur. We want them to recur and buy more."





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