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Leveraging RevOps to Unify Operations while Driving Company Growth

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Episode Summary

RevOps is the building block of an organization as it unifies different departments around the same goal — revenue generation. 

But it all starts with people and how you make them feel. If you give your people what they need to thrive, revenue and profitability will follow.

In this episode of the RevOps Champions podcast, our host Brendon Dennewill introduces Bob Gardner, the CEO of Gardner Builders. They talk about the importance of RevOps, the challenges of growing a business, and the power of people management.



Bob Gardner
Chief Executive Officer

Gardner Builders

Bob has achieved substantial company growth through RevOps and effective people management.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • It's not what you say or do; it's how you make people feel. Happy employees are key to a company's success. And Gardner Builders is the perfect example. Bob firmly believes that if you make your people feel valued, they will thrive in that environment. He explains, "They feel challenged, in a good way, with the work that we give them so they want to go back and they have a thirst to do more of it, and we provide an environment where they love to come to work, whether that's in the office or in the field, or on an airplane traveling to a new project. And if we provide that environment for them, if we get that right, that's a great place to start."
  • Identify your competitive advantage. If you want to make it in a competitive industry, you have to learn what differentiates you. If you don't know what sets your business apart from others, how will your customers see it? That's exactly what Bob had in mind for Gardner Builders. He explains, "I think when you start a business, there are already established and incumbent businesses in that space, and hence you have to create a differentiator and how you show up in a different way. And so, for us, it was putting our technology face forward. So when we started the company, every file that we had, every product that we had, and every technology that we had, was based in the cloud. [...] Since 2010, we have put together a toolkit of technology that has tried to shine the light on it to be simpler and easier for us to do business with our clients."
  • Surround yourself with people who are good at the things you're not. Running a business is no walk in the park, and Bob knows it. He's been growing Gardner Builders for more than 12 years, and he's had his fair share of challenges along the way. One thing he realized was that you need to hire smart. "Even when you surround yourself with amazing professionals, you can still hit pitfalls. Early on in our business, maybe three years in, we weren't charging for everything that we were doing, which then led to us being substantially — six figures — in the hole at the end of year three, not having taken a paycheck for three years. And so we joke about the founder's journey being romanticized, but it's really hard to run a business. And when you don't understand all the pieces and parts, and you have somebody that you think understands them, and maybe we miss some stuff, then it wakes you up pretty quickly."





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