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The RevOps Playbook: Mastering the Three Critical Elements




Episode Summary

Unlike marketing and sales, RevOps is a relatively new player in the field. And that's the main reason why marketers and people in general usually don't understand it completely.

While RevOps is often described as a method that helps businesses generate more revenue, other RevOps masterminds have a broader perspective on its significance. But no single definition can encompass the real essence of RevOps it's like a three-layered cake where the taste of each layer is equally dominant.

In this episode of RevOps Champions, our host Brendon Dennewill welcomes Alison Elworthy, the EVP of Revenue Operations at HubSpot. They get into the meaning of RevOps, its three pillars, the challenges that led to investing in RevOps teams, and how they, at HubSpot, perform RevOps on a daily basis.



Alison Elworthy

EVP, Revenue Operations


Prior to her role as Executive VP of Revenue Operations at HubSpot, Alison led various functions within the company VP of Operations, SVP of Customer Success, Chief of Staff, and more.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • HubSpot has a nice, clean definition of RevOps. HubSpot and Alison have a much broader perspective on what Revenue Operations is: it includes several key factors — people, processes, and systems. "I define RevOps as the processes, the systems, and the people that control how your business generates revenue. And then from there, it's really about the mindset, the practice, the manifestation of unifying all your internal ops teams to optimize for RevOps and create the right internal foundation that will create the best customer experience."
  • If the teams are aligned, the company provides a delightful customer experience. According to Alison, only companies whose teams are aligned can provide an excellent user experience. And that's where RevOps comes in. "RevOps is the glue holding your go-to-market organization together. It connects the dots between sales, CS, and marketing to make sure that you're providing that 360-degree view of the customer before, during, and after the sale. By recognizing how different functions are connected, you start to realize how important it is for all these teams to be aligned in order for the customer to receive a delightful, consistent, and positive experience."
  • RevOps has three elements. Alison defines RevOps as a three-layered foundation in which all the elements — systems, data, and a consistent people strategy — play equally important roles. "There are three elements to the foundation [of RevOps]. Systems are first. You all want to be working under the same system because you're going to get one consistent view of the customer. [...] The second is data. [...] You need to have a single foundation of data, a single data model, and a single set of KPIs, or definitions to define how your teams are doing. [...] The third piece of the foundation is creating a consistent people strategy."





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