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Using RevOps to Align Teams within Your Company


Episode Summary

There is no RevOps playbook. However, understanding the essence of the RevOps framework can significantly help companies align their teams, improve their sales, and provide exceptional customer and employee experience. And that's not even the beginning of what RevOps can do.

But is RevOps only about technology and tools? While software solutions can undoubtedly maximize the company's business operations and increase revenue, the key to success lies beyond technology. In most cases, companies pay for several programs they don't even use. So, how does that impact their revenue?

In this episode of RevOps Champions, Brendon Dennewill welcomes Adam Stewart, the CMO at Denamico. The two problem-solvers get into the meaning of RevOps, the reasons companies should embrace RevOps, the role of technology and tools in a company's success, and all the challenges and obstacles they face along the way.




Adam Stewart
Chief Marketing Officer


Adam has been a part of Denamico for six years. He started as the Content Strategist, and eventually, he was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer.


Key Themes & Episode Highlights

  • RevOps means alignment. According to Adam, alignment is what RevOps is about. "I use one word for RevOps – alignment. We've talked about alignment being key to revenue operations, and it's about aligning your customer facing-teams. [...] We're talking about your marketing team, your sales team, and your customer success or customer service teams, and aligning those teams around similar processes, systems, and data to do some great things in terms of customer experience and operational efficiency."
  • RevOps is key to improving customer experience. Adam believes that one of the reasons companies should adopt RevOps as a go-to-market strategy is that it's one of the key components to an improved customer experience. "A key component is customer experience and improving that customer experience. It’s not just about laying the foundation to meet customers' expectations throughout their buyer's journey and after they become customers. It is also about constantly innovating with that customer experience."
  • If you want to improve your sales, start with alignment. Adam suggests that companies that want to improve their sales should take a closer look at the alignment of their internal teams, strategies, and technology. "Assess the alignment of your team, your technology, your data, and of your processes. Take a look at your sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Bring leaders and other people from those teams together, and say, 'Are we aligned in these areas? Or are we not?' Get different perspectives from those teams and start those conversations."





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